Welcome to Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF) Working for the brighter future of person with Autism

Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF), a non-profitable, non-government, voluntary welfare organization was established on April 4, 2004, aiming to train and educate the children to perform to their maximum strengths and interests, and making them able to support themselves. AWF provides programs that supports its mission in a variety of ways, including community awareness and outreach, early screening and intervention, parent and professional information and training, as well as family support. AWF`s day to day activities now focus on a wider range of services and events to improve the lives of children with autism and their families. AWF, since its inception, has made several interventions in these regards.

Our Vision

AWF’s vision is to create an inclusive environment where people with Autism can live and work as fully participating members of the society.

Our Mission

Facilitation of a barrier free environment; to empower families of persons with autism, and to act as a catalyst for change that will enable person with autism to live as fully participating members of the society is our mission.