Autism is a complex development disability that typically appears during the three years of life and affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others.
There is also a condition called Asperger Syndrome which is a form of autism used to describe people at the higher functioning end of the Autism Specturm.

Characteristics of Autism

Social Communication (difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication)

Social Interaction (difficulty with social relationship)

Behavior (repetitive restricted patterns of behavior )

Causes of Autism

Autism is a brain disorder which affect the way brain uses information. The exact cause or causes are unknown. Research shows that genetic factors are important. Autism may indeed result from a combination of several “causes”.
Autism is brain based development disorder. No factors in the psychological environment of the child cause autism.

Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF), a non-profitable, non-government, voluntary welfare organization was established on April 4, 2004 aiming to train and educate the children to perform their maximum strengths and interests, and making them able to support themselves. AWF provides programs that support its mission in a variety of ways, including community awareness and outreach, early screening and intervention, parent and professional information and training as well as family support. AWF`s day to day actives now focus on a wide range of services and actives to improve the lives of children with autism and their families. AWF since its inception has made several intervention in these regards.

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  Alhamdulillah. By the grace and blessings of the Almighty Allah, we are elated to show you a glimpse of the permanent campus of Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF) at Shamlapur, Moddher Char Keranigang, Dhaka-1310 . All of us are extremely happy, proud and grat .....

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