Present Activities of AWF

  • Offers diagnosis and assessment of autistic children.
  • Runs education and training centre for autistic children.
  • Runs Early Intervention Program for children below 5 years.
  • Runs Adult Activity and Vocational Training Programs for older children and adolescents with autism.
  • Arranges Training Program for parents and Teacher.
  • Arranges seminar, workshop for Teacher & parents.
  • Offers Package Program for children and adolescents who are unable to attend training at AWF.  
  • Provide outing program for AWF students for improving social behaviour.
  • Publishes News Letter and yearly magazine on Autism.
  • Integrates more able autistic children into regular school.
  • Offer free service for poor autistic children.
  • Arranges programs for creating awareness on autism.

Future Programme of AWF

  • Establish Foundation’s own complex  residential setting for adults with autism.(Under Construction)    
  • Provide free education and training for underprivileged autistic children and adolescent.
  • Arrange job opportunities for more able person with autism. ( under process)
  • Provide Certified Vocational Training Course.
  • Establish training and education centre for person with autism in different areas of Bangladesh.